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Healthy lifestyles

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We help kids make positive choices about their health.

Our healthy lifestyles programs nurture members’ overall wellbeing by promoting healthy habits and reducing risky ones. Kids set personal goals, improve social skills and develop healthy techniques for managing stress, eating healthy and staying fit. These programs include:

Triple Play, a multi-faceted program that integrates mind (nutritional awareness and education), body (physical activity—sports, dance, martial arts), and soul (social activity and recreation) to achieve good health.

Sports leagues, which allow kids to compete at the Club level. The sports menu differs from Club to Club but has included basketball, flag football, volleyball, baseball and dodgeball. In addition, members have access to football, baseball and running camps.

SMART (Skills Mastery and Resilience Training) Moves, a prevention and education program addresses problems such as drug and alcohol use and premature sexual activity. SMART Moves uses a team approach that involves Club staff, peer leaders, parents and community representatives. Young people ages 6 to 15 engage in discussion and role-playing, practicing resilience and refusal skills, developing assertiveness, strengthening decision-making skills and analyzing media and peer influence.

We help Club members reach their full potential by making positive choices that nurture their minds, bodies and spirits. We encourage kids to set goals, avoid risky behavior and engage in physical activity – because the decisions they make today will have an impact on their future success.