Save Our Clubs

Federal funding cuts put our kids at risk

Hundreds of Northeast Ohio kids are now in danger of losing the safe, fun places they go after school. Cuts in federal Temporary Assistance to Families (TANF) and pandemic-relief funds will force multiple sites to close if we don’t find new revenue to bridge the gap.

The need is acute and urgent. Without your support, youth ages 6-18 across the region will lose access to homework assistance, a free meal, recreation and help from caring adult mentors. We know you do not want that to happen.

The good news is you can help.

Please join the effort to Save Our Clubs. Here’s how:

Clubs work. They save lives. They allow mothers and fathers to keep working with the knowledge that their children are in a safe place after school each day.

Ready to help Save Our Clubs? Donate, select an action item above, or email and a representative from our team will be in touch.

Thank you for being part of the solution.