Music programs

In our region’s most underserved communities, cutbacks in school budgets have left thousands of youth without the music and art programming that is vital to their success. Our music programs help to fill that gap by giving kids opportunities in music, dance, performance, and more. Our music programs include:

  • Open Tone Music, a subsidiary of Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio, focuses on making music accessible through music education, art and performance. A few of their most notable programs include the Open Tone Music Academy, the Rubber City Jazz and Blues Festival and the Amistad Caribbean Arts Camp.

  • Opening Track Project exists to bring a wide range of music-based opportunities and experiences to the members of Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio. The curriculum was developed to integrate music into all aspects of members’ daily lives, including using music to deal with stress and anxiety, encourage kids to get their recommended daily activity, help with test-taking, expose youth to new people and places, and more.