Friday, May 29

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

Follow along in order or mix it up!


Class of 2020




Games Room

  • Activity #1: Chopstix/Pencil in a Bottle Race
    • Intro 
    • Instructions Members will use their faces to carry pencils from one place to the next and place them in a bottle without using their hands.
  • Activity #2: Forehead Coin Stack
  • Activity #3: Spoon Ball Race
    • Intro 
    • Instructions Members will race to the goal carrying a ball or sock on the spoon while holding the spoon in their mouth. 


  • Knowledge Hour: Take this time to work on your packets from school and engage in today’s session of Knowledge Hour!
  • Activity #1: Typing SkillsEnjoy a fun and interactive way to increase your typing speed and accuracy!
  • Activity #2: Scavenger Hunt
    • Intro
    • InstructionsGet up & moving with your sibling or parent and enjoy this indoor scavenger hunt! Share what you find using the hashtag #bgcneocyberclub !

  • Activity #3: Static Electricity with Bill NyeIt happens to all of us. You’re causally walking along, maybe dragging your feet a little, when you reach out to shake a friend’s hand and – ZAP! Both you and your friend get shocked. The spark is static electricity, a buildup of charged electrons. Watch this video and write down 3 things you found interesting!
  • Activity #4: Field Trip Friday to the San Diego ZooWatch live cameras and explore the animals of the San Diego Zoo!


  • Activity #1: TGIF Journal: Summary of Your WeekTake time to write down five separate paragraphs/entries detailing how each day of your week went. This is a great way to reflect on things before you start your weekend.
  • Activity #2: SMART Girls
  • Activity #3: Memes of the Week– Check out some funny memes we found online this week!


  • Activity #4: Friday Footwork
    • Intro 
    • Friday Footwork VideoCheck out today’s dance challenges and see if you can keep up, we threw in a new line dance for you to try this week. Post your moves at #bgcneoCyberClub

Character & Citizenship

Want to show us your bubble wand, scavenger hunt, or Friday Footwork 

Post on social using the hashtag #bgcneoCyberClub!