Tuesday, June 9

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 Class of 2020


  • Intro
  • Daily Fitness ChallengeTodays at home exercise is going to be a set of different grocery bag challenges. All you will need to perform this exercise challenge is three grocery bags. The exercise is great to work on your hand-eye coordination and it is presented by Mr. Staup’s PE.
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  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Brain blast! Spot the difference.
  • Activity #2: What is a Folktale? 
  • Activity #3: FolktalesIn today’s video, we will be discussing and providing examples of what a folktale is! The story of How Tiger Got His Stripes is a great example of a folktale.
  • Activity #4:  Discussion of the Day– Discuss with a family member or friend what you believe the moral of that story was!


  • Activity #1: Financial Literacy Tip of the Week
  • Activity #2:  Entrepreneur Spotlight -Become a Boss
    • Intro 
    • Entrepreneur Spotlight Video’16-year-old Zandra Cunningham has been the CEO and Founder of Zandra Beauty for over 10 years already. Take a look at how she brings her amazing products to life before they hit the shelves.
  • Activity #3: Minute to Win It – Game of the Week
    • Intro
    • InstructionsCheck out these super creative “Minute to Win It” games and see if you have what it takes to beat these challenges.
  • Activity #4: Brain Teaser – Trivia Challenge
    • Brain Teaser: Are you smarter than a 5th grader? This quiz will put your skills to the test to find out if you are smarter than a 5th grader. Well, let us get cracking.

Character & Citizenship

Want to show us your newspaper weaving, Minute to Win It challenges, or brain teaser answers? 

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