Monday, June 8

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

Follow along in order or mix it up!


  • Welcome to the Cyber Club!
  • Quote of the Day 
  • Word of the Week: POLLINATION! The process that allows plants to reproduce and make more plants. To learn more about this process, check out Go Wild Adventure Club this week!

Class of 2020





  • Intro 
  • Activity #1: Go Wild Adventure ClubExtend your adventure with pollinators. Let’s Explore Morgana Bluffs Nature Preserve to find some Pollinators!
  • Activity #2: Vitamin Bee: “Pollination”Learn more about the word of the week, Pollination, by watching our pollenating friends!
  • Activity #3: Fun Facts about Pollen— Teens Advance your learning: Did You Know Facts of the Day?
  • Activity #4: Moments in Love (With Nature): “The Beauty of Pollination”– Relax and watch some live art using nature and the process of pollination!


  • Activity #1: College Spotlight- Bethune Cookman University
    • Intro
    • InformationCheck out this cook video about how on October 3, 1904, a very determined young black woman, Mary McLeod Bethune, opened the Daytona Literary and Industrial Training School for Negro Girls. She did this with $1.50, faith in God, and five little girls: Lena, Lucille, and Ruth Warren, Anna Geiger, and Celest Jackson.
  • Activity #2: Self-Care Tip of the Week
    • Intro
    • Self Care Tip of the Week Improve your attitude, improve your life! Check out these top ten tips to help you build and maintain a positive mental attitude. 
  • Activity #3: STEM Activity
    • Intro 
    • InstructionsThis experiment is absolutely awesome and a great way to learn a few tricks. This is a safe and fun science experiment you can do at home. 

Character & Citizenship

  • Activity #1: A Pep Talk from Kid President to YouUnmotivated and Uninspired today? Let Kid President give you the push that you need to start your day. In life we are all on the same team, let’s work together to create something every day that will make the world awesome.
  • Activity #2: KIDZ BOP Kids:High HopesAfter you have listened to Kid Presidents Pep talk it’s time to get up and get moving to high hopes! This week is all about staying active, positive, and doing a lot of hands on things. Let’s have high hopes for this day and high hopes for this week.
  • Activity #3:  Homemade Bird HouseWant to make a Bird House with simple household items? This is the video for you! In this video you will find an easy step by step process to create your own. Follow the prompts and let your creative side come out. This activity will allow you to do something hands on and also go outside to get some fresh air. Self-expression and the outdoors are a good way to help your overall inner and outer health.
  • Activity #4: Summer Activity Checklist Summer is upon us! Don’t let your summer go by without getting the best of it. In this activity are some things you can do this summer to have a blast! Use this checklist and mark off as you complete each one or create your own summer bucket list using a pencil and a paper. 
  • Activity #5: Daily Task List–  Let’s stay motivated and challenge ourselves this week. Linked you will find a morning, afternoon, and evening checklist of daily task that you can create yourself. Make the most of your days, TIME is one of the most valuable assets we have!

Want to show us your Claude Monet projects, playdoh garden, or birdhouse? 

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