Wednesday, June 17

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

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Class of 2020





  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Wildlife WednesdayOink! Oink!  Welcome back to Wildlife Wednesday! Today we are going to learn about pigs and why they are awesome animals!
  • Activity #2: Word of the Day: Inquisitive Learn how to pronounce the word of the day on the link. 
  • Ever wonder how things are made? Welcome to Wonder Wednesdays! Learning is not only about history and math, but also about the world around you.  Who knows…you might gain interest in a new career when you grow up! Let’s stay inquisitive together and remember knowledge is power.


  • Activity #1: Pathway to Manhood
  • Activity #2: Fitness/Athletics: 4-minute Leg Toning Workout
  • Activity #3: Sports Skills

Character and Citizenship

  • Kindness Wednesday
      • Intro
      • Activity #1: How Little People Can Make A Big DifferenceCheck out how this young man saw a problem and used kindness to create a solution! 
      • Activity #2: Lemons to LemonadeIn this video, Senna talks about turning life’s lemons into lemonade! What things in your life can you turn around using kindness?
      • Activity #3: Kindness Log Activity– Over this next week I want to challenge you to keep a log of the kind things you do for others and yourself! Then, when the week is over, look back at that list and remind yourself of how it felt to do all those kind things for yourself and others! 

Want to show us your Father’s Day cards/gifts, tie skills, or perfect jump shot? 

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