Thursday, June 11

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Class of 2020





  • Have you ever been scared?  Well, today we are going to talk about overcoming fear and teach you how to overcome fear with a calming breathing technique.  Have fun exploring Cyber Club today!
  • Activity #1: Story Time: ‘ Scaredy Squirrel’ by Melanie Watt
  • Activity #2: Reflection Questions
    • What did we learn about being scared? How did Scaredy Squirrel feel at the end of the story compared to the beginning of the story?
    • Think of a time you were scared. What were you scared of?
    • Next time you are scared, what are some steps you can take to help you stay calm and overcome your fear?
  • Activity #3: Mindful BreathingWhat simple thing can we do if we feel scared? Try Mindful Breathing


  • Activity #1: Life Hacks
    • Intro  
    • Life HacksCheck out this quick tutorial on how to make your own graphic t-shirts with computer printed photos.
  • Activity #2: SMART Leaders
  • Activity #3: How to Prevent House Fires
  • Activity #4: Taste of Thursday Cooking Segment
  • Activity #5: Throwback Thursday! Check out this throwback picture of Mrs. Taylaura, she works at the St. Martin de Porres Club in Cleveland.
  • Activity #6: Throwback Thursday Video-  Rock’em Sock’em Robots
    • Intro 
    • Throwback Thursday Video: This week we’re paying our respects to a classic game “Rock’em Sock’em Robots”. This debut in 1964 and was the first 2 play action toy game.
  • Activity #7: Throwback Thursday Picture: Check out this throwback picture of former president Barack Obama.

Character & Citizenship

Want to show us your Taste of Thursday Treat, plant picture, or your chorus of ‘I Wish’? 

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