Wednesday, June 10

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

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  • Welcome to the Cyber Club!
  • Fun Fact of the Day
    • 85% of plant life is found in the ocean.
    • Insects are essential to every garden. This is because they assist in the transferring of pollen from plant to plant

Class of 2020





  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Wildlife WednesdayJoin us as we visit a farm to learn about Chickens. 
  • Activity #2: How it is Made: CrayonsHave you ever wondered how different things are made?  Well, check this video out to learn how crayons are made. This particular factory can make 127 different colors! 
  • Activity #3: African American Inventors Read about 8 African Americans who invited items such as the iron board, refrigerated trucks, and electric microphones. Today, these items have made our lives a lot easier. Can you think of an invention that can make your life easier?


Character and Citizenship

  • Kindness Wednesday
      • IntroJump into kindness Wednesday with Miss Alanna and learn how to use rocks to spread some happiness!
      • Activity #1: Kindness Rock Project IntroIntroduction to the kindness rocks project and how to do it!
      • Activity #2: Kindness Rocks Book ReadingListen to the story of Clara and how she used her creativity to spread kindness and start a chain reaction!
      • Activity #3: Kindness Rocks Activity– Go outside (with parent permission) and collect two or three rocks! Any size and shape. Bring them inside, wash them up, and decorate any way you choose! Use stickers, crayons, markers, or paint. Once they’re decorated ask your parents or siblings to help you place them outside for someone to find and share your kindness! 

Want to show us your salt beads, fitness workout, or kindness rocks? 

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