Wednesday, July 8

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

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  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Nutrition and the Food PyramidLearn about nutrition, the food pyramid, and why it’s important to eat healthy. Check out the different fruits and vegetables and ask an adult if you can try something new this week.
  • Activity #2: Are Vegetables Really Healthy?
  • Activity #3: Sing-A-Long—  learn a fun song about fruits and vegetables while exploring different vowels.


  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Wildlife Wednesday: ParrotsThis week we are going to visit some parrots.  Parrots are exotic animals.  Exotic means they originate from distant foreign countries.  Come learn about these beautiful, colorful birds that you can have as pets!
  • Activity #2: Science Fun: How to Make Fake SnowIt’s summertime, but are you missing snow? White hair conditioner and baking soda causes a chemical reaction creating a snow like substance. You can even make a snow man!  Share your snowman with us by using #bgcneocyberclub.
  • Activity #3: Balloon Race: Potential & Kinetic EnergyWhen blowing up a balloon, the air inside becomes potential energy.  This is also known as stored energy.  When the balloon is opened, all the stored energy is turned into kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is also known as motion.  The kinetic energy causes the balloon to shoot forward in this experiment.  Race a friend or siblings and let us know who’s the winner using #bgcneocyberclub. Like this one? Check out The Dad Lab on Instagram for more activities.
  • Activity #4: Quandary– Download the free Quandary App on your phone to play a fun game aimed to develop your decision-making skills by being the leader of your own colony.


  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Financial Literacy—  Foolproof, a non-profit curriculum creator gives middle and high school students an early lesson in financial literacy.

Character and Citizenship

  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Kindness Calendar!– Use this July Calendar to track the kindness you show every day over the month!

  • Activity #2: Respect A quick and simple video reminding us to be respectful, and how to be respectful!
  • Activity #3: Kindness SpeechCheck out this empowering speech from a 10-year-old girl about how kindness can change our world!

Want to show us your fake snow, balloon race, or say “hey” to your friends at the Club? 

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