Friday, July 17

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

Follow along in order or mix it up!


  • Welcome to Cyber Club!
  • Riddle: What travels around the world but stays in one spot?
    • Answer to Yesterday’s Riddle: your age
  • Fun Fact of the Day: Today is world emoji day!


  • Intro 
  • Daily Fitness Challenge #1: DIY Outdoor Activities– These are creative ways to get active, get outside, and have some fun and while bonding with family.
  • Daily Fitness Challenge #2:  Fun hacks and activities for you and your family to enjoy for outdoor summer fun. (Some activities require assistance from an adult)
  • Daily Fitness Challenge #3: Fun family Indoor and Outdoor activities that will keep families active even while self-quarantining at home. (Some activities require assistance from an adult)



  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Fitness FridayDance moves are a great way to work-out!  Check out these amazing steps from Ghana. 


  • Social Emotional Learning: Optimistic Thinking
    • Intro
    • Activity #1: What does it mean to be optimistic?Let’s take some time to learn what optimism is so we have a better understanding on how to apply it!
    • Activity #2: Positive Affirmations Practice positive self-talk; this will keep us optimistic and motivated! Check out my positive self-talk tips!!

    • Activity #3: Share with us using the hashtag #BGCNEOCYBERCLUB your creative ways to practice optimism!


Character & Citizenship

  • Intro 
  • Activity #1: All Kinds Of Children—  There are many differences among people and cultures, but no matter the culture diversity all children have the same needs and desires.
  • Activity #2: Cultures Of The WorldLet’s take a trip around the world and learn about different cultures!

Want to show us your sunflower painting, friday footwork, or say “hey” to your friends at the Club ?

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