Wednesday, July 1

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

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Class of 2020





  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Wildlife Wednesday: CricketsDo you hear chirping sounds at night?  Those chirping sounds are made by an insect called a cricket.  Come learn about how they make their chirping sounds and other interesting facts about them! 
  • Activity #2: Word of the Day: Nocturnal Nocturnal means active at night. For example, crickets are nocturnal insects. Watch this video to quickly learn about other creatures that are nocturnal besides crickets.
  • Wonder Wednesday
    • Activity #3: How It’s Made: MirrorsMirrors can be found in bathrooms, in bedrooms, or you might carry a compact mirror in your purse.  Have you ever wondered how mirrors are made?  Click the link to learn something new today!
    • Activity #4: Scavenger Hunt–  Mirrors reflects an image, but are mirrors the only thing that can reflect your image?  Go around your house and try to find as many surfaces in your house that reflects your image.  I’ll give you a hint for your first find.  Can you see yourself in your television screen when it is turned off?
  • Activity #5: Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions? Everyone has emotions, including adults. We all get angry, happy, excited, and sad. Watch this video to understand why we lose control of our emotions at times and how we can keep it from happening.


Character and Citizenship

  • Intro
  • Activity #1: Unusual Reminder To CareSometimes life gets crazy and we forget how important it is to simply show each other we care!
  • Activity #2: Street ComplimentsWatch how this simple “street compliment” setup encourages people to show each other how much they mean to each other!

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