Tuesday, August 25

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

Follow along in order or mix it up!


  • Welcome to Cyber Club!

  • Quote of the Day


  • Intro


  • Activity #3: Motivational Art– Create a picture using a heart template and a pencil.  



  • Action Words
    • Activity #1: Let’s Rock!Check out this vintage School House Rock video about verbs!  
    • Activity #2: Action WordsLet’s learn more about verbs!  
    • Activity #3: Journey to Past TenseIn this game, you will use your knowledge of past tense verbs to help fuel Rivette’s time machine.

Character & Citizenship

  • Activity #1: TikTok Tuesday

  • Activity #2: Workout with Mr. Delk & Mr. Jordan

Want to show us your henna hand, healthy summer treats,or Tik Tok challenge? 

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