Tuesday, August 11

Welcome to the Cyber Club!

Follow along in order or mix it up!


  • Fun Fitness Facts
    •  Music improves workout performances

    •  Listening to music while exercising can improve work out performance by 15%.

    • Exercising regularly helps boost your immune system.  This means you’ll get sick less often than people who don’t exercise.

    • Fit Fact Food and Nutrition 



  • Activity #3: Parrot Pointillism– Create a parrot painting with only dots.

  • Activity #4: Graffiti Art Name– Create your name with graffiti fonts and unique designs. 


  • Kids, COVID-19 & The Quaratine Day #2
    • Activity #2: Kids, Covid-19 & The Quarantine– Learn 4 easy steps to help you feel a little better about Covid-19 & the quarantine. 


Character & Citizenship

  • Activity #1: Intro and Tik Tok Dance

  • Activity #2: Balloon Stack Game

Want to show us your parrot pointillism, healthy recipes,or Tik Tok challenge? 

Post on social using the hashtag #bgcneoCyberClub!