Statement from CEO Jeff Scott on the Nov. 13 shooting death near King Kennedy Club


Our mission at Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio is to create a more equitable world and future for the kids we serve and our employees who mentor those kids. The Nov. 13 shooting near our King Kennedy Club, one that resulted in the death of Arthur “Art” Keith, a 19-year-old former Boys & Girls Clubs member, again reminds us that we have so much more work to do. We grieve with the family, the community, and our kids as they try to make sense of this tragedy.

Unfortunately, many of our kids saw events related to this shooting, including EMTs working on Art. The families who send their kids to the King Kennedy Club, the residents of King Kennedy, and Art’s family deserve a safe space and clarity about the events. As an organization, we will cooperate with the investigation and are eager to fully understand how this tragic incident unfolded.

Our kids deserve our unrelenting effort. No matter where they find themselves in life, or in this unfortunate incident for Art, death, we will never stop working on their behalf to make things better.

Jeff Scott

President and CEO